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Why some investors risk all of it on falling stocks


Why some investors risk all of it on falling stocks


Some investors, by their very nature, are impulsive. This is certainly to convey that you may pour overall the technical analysis you choose but, soon after the afternoon, sometimes your gut wins out over your thoughts.

As a result, when the majority of us view a stock introduced a tumble, we get a nagging feeling that any of us should promote it which will help prevent the bleeding.

One time while i was flying time for america carrying out a visit to Hong Kong, I found myself chatting about finance with my seatmate. Bar stools on sale investment theories he touted to me was “doubling down” on the stock that will have fallen by purchasing a lot more of it. While he input it if you ask me, “If it had become a good buy at $50, it is an better yet buy at $40.”

So is he right? Truthfully, sometimes, but a few number of questions you must explore before signing up this philosophy:

Why will be the stock falling?

This is a primary question, but it’s also not absolutely uncomplicated to resolve. Stocks can fall for numerous reasons which range from overall market conditions to a specific piece of bad news linked to the organization. Now and again perhaps it will always be a mixture of factors that’s driving the value down, defining it as even harder to convey definitely the cause is. Despite these challenges, it’s worth picking a critical think about the stock to help decide if still it has long-term potential.

Has the company fundamentally changed?

If the stock is falling due to bad news, the best way bad was what is this great? Basically, is it a misstep or even a major change that may change the company’s future? This is just what may ultimately decide whether doubling down is doable or not.

Of course what constitutes a “fundamental change” in a very company is also subjective. For many, an outgoing CEO isn’t any big issue while for others that leader may have been a primary reason for you can actually success. Additionally, and some businesses can buck the trends of these industry, most shall be suffering from negative industry trends.

Before acquire the stock, seek information and determine what it absolutely was for the company that made you should invest. (Source)

In a post for Motley Fool exploring a similar topic, Emil Lee proposed a good sports metaphor because of this situation, saying, “If without a doubt with a football game, after which you can find out the star quarterback has gone out with all the flu, then a odds have shifted against you. If, however, you find out the third-string kicker fades with?influenza, then this odds probably haven’t changed in any respect.”

Hopefully, when you bought the stock took action today the research and determined what it was ready the provider that made you would like to invest. If those reasons remain valid and you’re simply convinced this downward trend is temporary, then making the most of a pullback may be a great investment. However you should still be careful about placing your entire eggs in a basket.


Buying a average that you have already lost cash may sound counterintuitive if not downright nutty for some. However, when you think about the particular logic behind this sort of move as opposed to trusting your knee-jerk reaction many times there can be a real opportunity with this strategy. As always, simply use caution and keep on your mind you will find there’s possibility you can be wrong.


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