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Pelosi to Trump: Bill Clinton this is not on ballot


Pelosi to Trump: Bill Clinton this is not on ballot


Bill Clinton is not really around the ballot, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday, insisting that Mr . trump should leave the first president due to his debate with Hillary Clinton.

Trump has hinted that she will invoke Bill Clinton’s indiscretions whilst faces with Clinton during the second presidential debate Sunday evening, calling him an abuser within a video statement Saturday and retweeting amongst his accusers twice.

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“No,” Pelosi told NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” when asked if such attacks are fair game, “because, you recognize why? Elections are regarding the future. They’re concerning the future. He’s preaching about something [about] Bill Clinton. He’s not for the ballot.”

Pelosi declined to consider Hillary Clinton any advice for Sunday’s showdown whenever Trump broaches her husband’s infidelities, hailing her as “such a competent debater” who needs advice from no-one.

“But what’s vital to be aware of about involves is the fact there’s not a dime’s in in between Mr . trump and also the Republicans in Congress on the subject of problems really affect people’s lives,” she said.

Pelosi also praised the GOP, remarking that this Republican Party is performing great things for America.

“What we have been telling them is restore your party. It has been hijacked by way of a radical wing of – I cannot know products – of your country, not really to your party,” she added, also noting the achievements Democrats in Congress working with former President George W. Bush. “We have to have a strong Republican Party. I cannot paint everybody using the same brush, however the Republicans in the House of Representatives, I.”


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