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Mobile Terminal from TBC Bank


Mobile Terminal from TBC Bank


The Mobile Terminal can be a small appliance with modern functional components for conveniently paying anywhere by any variety of thing, including contactless cards.

The mobile terminal can be an innovative product depending on digital technologies that is certainly made for an array of business segments: cafes and bards, salons, markets, facilities at shopping malls, taxi drivers, courier services, carwash, street seller’s booths and the other business activities.

?The best-selling Product:

  • The mobile terminal is quicker than traditional POS terminals. Notification with bill details are provided for email or cell phone.
  • The system is smaller than average carrying or placing it truly is simpler and much more convenient.
  • The mobile terminal embraces an internet reporting system. The organization can create the reputation of transactions through the website, as well as to maintain your sales statistics, extract records and many others.
  • TBC Bank will transmit mobile card readers to companies at no cost.

TBC Bank also offers add several new functions to the mobile terminal in the foreseeable future.

TBC Bank offers the innovative payment service while using the support of strategic partner VISA International payment system. TBC Bank implements the know-how jointly with GoSwiff international company.

Detailed info is on the TBC Bank website: http://www.tbcbank.ge/web/ka/web/guest/mpos


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