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Advertising and marketing, biotech and crypto bubble are setting happens for the final market crash


Advertising and marketing, biotech and crypto bubble are setting happens for the final market crash


So far, the Twenty-first century has witnessed one B.S. bubble to another.

Even worse, these bubbles have inflated beyond any recognizable or manageable form. They’ve morphed into monsters, seemingly with minds and wills .

There are, as a minimum, two forces at play here: central banks (the crack dealers) and cycles. Let’s continue our discussion of the most basic cycle that could impact us this year, mainly in the last half.

The steam engine and factory cycles built over the scientific revolution cycle before it and peaked around 1830.

Then there was a brand new bubble in canals, which opened the Midwest towards Atlantic, especially Chicago, and made the great Midwest migration that, in return, sent?real estate?and?stocks?booming into 1836, with Uncle Sam financing it with cheap money easy loans.

What an accident to come! The primary great reset.

Chicago had the maximum real estate property crash for your major city in U.S. history having looked at essentially the most extreme bubble ever. That 1836 bubble only agreed to be the icing to the cake prior to a next great reset and depression from 1837 to 1843.

The railroad cycle built around the steamship cycle with steamships first greatly advancing north-south transportation and transatlantic, after which railroads more east-west and transcontinental movement.

The railroad boom did indeed peak in 1920, but there is beginning auto bubble that peaked in 1929, while urban households only had one car each in the first stage whenever we were, at best, One half urban.

The 1929 to 1932 great reset followed and was the most extreme in historyan 89 percent stock crash.

At that peak, we got an exceptional direct convergence with the Generational Spending Wave, the Geopolitical Cycle, and the Innovation Cycle on the nine-year final bubble lag. This is why it had become so extreme and concentrated.

By 1965, there had been two cars for every single household, including suburban and ruralor 4 times the magnitude.

That all happened with the end of World war 2 into 1965. That had been when you saw the mainstream acceleration stage of these 45-year cycle.

The internet and computing cycles that peaked in 2010 built over the electricity (and auto) cycle that peaked in 1965. Handheld computers connected to the online market place were critically the ultimate electrical appliance. When did portable cellular phones transform into hand-held computers, i.e., the iPhone? In that acceleration phase from 1988 to 2010 (iPhone has been available since 2007).

Now, with this cycle, online peaked just after the?demographic?cycle peak of 2007, unlike when railroads peaked nine years prior to a demographic peak in 1929. (Also note that the Geopolitical Cycle peaked in 2001 around 9/11hence, three major market peaks: 2000, 2007, and ahead, 2019/19).

In 2010, internet and computing cycles reached their peak. (Source)


Well, because Innovation Cycle is a bit more than the common demographic cycle.

And for those who have now, eight years as soon as the Internet Cycle peak of 2010, in 2019, with the greatest bubble of all the centered around social network, biotech, and, however cryptocurrencies (the most significant and late stage bubble of them all)! If not now, by late 2019, this bubble following Innovation Wave should peak, and that we view the final crash on this Winter weather from 2008 until 2023.

See the synergy with cycles?

But how come the bubble buster crucial?

I’ve due to the 45-year Innovation Cycle increasing prominence during my hierarchy of 4 cycles, and a lot more so within this double, 90-year Bubble Buster Cycle that develops the last cycle in a bigger way.

If a person looks at these 45-year cycles in 90-year pairs, you can see that the 90-year derivative brings more vital organizational design and shifts who have the most impacts on productivity for years to followlike the factory system as well as assembly line prior to now two major cycles.

The current some may be bringing their early stages of the things I call the bottoms-up “Network Revolution.”

The major scientific revolution within the mid-1700s additionally, the steam engine and factory trend peaked around 1830. Add seven years for the first steamship and canal bubble so you find the extreme bubble surface of 1836/37 as well as great depression of 1837 to 1843.

The steamship after which railroad cycles peaked in 1920, then the early auto and radio bubble that peaked in 1929- and we saw the greatest crash of 1929 to 1932 as well as the Great Depression lingering into 1942.

Now the electricity and internet cycles peaked 2010. Adding seven to nine years to that would put us inside late 2017 to late 2019 time-frame, which includes a seemingly possible peak in late 2019.

So, the other and final stop is probably going late 2019 for the latest. The serious reset and depression bottoms of 1843 and 1933 were exact at 90 years. The other should bottom by around 2023just 5 years from now.

The stock bottoms were 12 month earlier in 1842, 1932, and next, likely, 2022.

So, again, you should get some seat belts for any ride for the “Great Bubble Buster.”

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